Creativity is intelligence having fun

Let's play, imagine and design new things every day is what we need.

I’m Bertrand Marie, I’m a digital art director, a digital designer, specialized in web design, doing UI and UX websites. I’m passionate about culture, creation and design.

Architecture, art, illustration, clothing, urban cultures, documentaries, music, web and technologies inspire me and always bring me new perspectives of work and in my everyday life.

After ten years experiencing multimedia and websites, I’d like to learn more, develop new ideas and share my knowledge in a creative and cultural environnement in Montreal.

I can do

Running websites since 2005, I worked as a ui designer, front-end developer and a flash animator for severals agencies in Caen, Rennes, Paris and Montreal, updating my level skills in multimedia and design web every day.

Always on the lookout, I’m interested in interactivity, design and web technologies. I imagine the best solutions for a suitable user’s experience and a simply efficient display of content who can make you dream, a bit.

Digital Art Direction
UI UX Design
Wireframe & Sketch Design
Branding & Identity
Front-End Dev. (Html/Css)
Flash Animation

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